Embrace your fullest self and
offer your deepest gifts
with clarity & devotion

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The most beautiful world we can envision
is within our hands to create…
but how?

When our collective future feels tenuous,
and we feel immense pressure to “get it right”,
it can be hard to stay rooted, clear, and devoted.

Yet this moment offers a profound opportunity.

…to connect to our highest vision for our lives, our work, and our world
…to embrace our full selves and come out of hiding
…to find our rooted sovereignty and strength to show up
…to commit wholeheartedly to the deep nourishment of our bodies, projects, and people
…to remember that we came here to bring our unique gifts to the collective, and to explore what that looks like at this time
…to deepen our devotion to The Way Forward

Embody Your Leadership
connects you to your highest vision (for you & for us),
catalyzes your devotion to that vision,
and supports you in transcending your inner limits

  • Discover your own personal North Star: my favorite way to connect with inspiration at any moment, and access deeper focus and resilience (even when everything feels hard)
  • Learn some of my favorite tools for overcoming fear and overwhelm… especially when I am stepping-up in bigger ways while the world feels harsh
  • Identify the biggest hangups that are preventing you from seeing, honoring, and giving your gifts fully (and what to do about them)
  • Learn my favorite meditation for cutting through mental confusion or complexity, to access deeper truths and clarity on the path ahead


Hi, I’m Nisha Moodley! I’m a Devotional Leadership™ coach, the founder of Global Sisterhood Day, and a mother. I’ve been walking with women for over 13 years, leading mastermind groups, online courses, and over 50 retreats.

As a biracial woman with a background in health & executive coaching, intergenerational & energy healing, and community building, I have a unique understanding of the ecology of leadership and the ability to catalyze deep growth for my clients.

I support visionary women doing game-changing work – whether it’s inside your company, through entrepreneurship, or through your art or activism.

I’m here to help you embrace your wholeness & embody your leadership…

Because our world needs our unique leadership, in service of a more beautiful future.

I believe in that future.
And even though I don’t know you (yet), I believe in you.


Register to join the waitlist for Embody Your Leadership!

we will let you know when the next round opens