Discover the soulful path of leadership, and the freedom to rise with power & grace.

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For women, rising in our leadership is both
a calling and a challenge.

More and more, women are being called into leadership through building our own companies, rising in organizations, standing in our activism, and leading with love in our parenting and relationships.

For many of us, the time is now to rise in these roles we feel so deeply called to hold.

But our culture has a relationship with leadership that complicates things:

…“leadership” that requires followers
…“leadership” that places importance of status over sustainability, health, and relationships
…“leadership” that requires us to hide or shut down parts of ourselves to be accepted
…“leadership” that requires identifying as a “guru” or “expert”, making little room for growth
…“leadership” that requires us to be perfect, or pay the price
…“leadership” that’s for a few of us, but not for everyone

Because of this, and our own personal and family histories, as we rise in our leadership we can feel…

…confusion and resistance around how to stand in our power
…tense, overwhelmed, stressed, and lacking in trust in ourselves and life
…fear of being judged, attacked, or failing
…challenged to be decisive and clear, but also open and receptive
…doubt that we are good enough, worthy enough, capable enough
…pressure to be someone or something we’re not, in order to earn respect
…hard on ourselves for not being “more feminine/driven/focused” or “further ahead”

And yet, we feel called to rise.

It’s time to reimagine leadership so it elevates & includes all of us.

When we embrace and embody the soul qualities of leadership, we are able to engage in the activities of leadership – speaking, writing, negotiation, sales, etc – with greater depth, trust and flow.

  • Embrace a paradigm of leadership that doesn’t require you to be “perfect” or “above” anyone else in order to lead
  • Discover your *personal* top 3 soul qualities of leadership to embody, that will have you feeling free to rise in life & business
  • Learn the #1 thing you can do to overcome a fear of failure, or of being judged harshly by others (even your family members!)
  • Learn the unconventional path to becoming a radically more effective writer, speaker, manager, leader, and negotiator


Hi, I’m Nisha Moodley! I’m a women’s leadership coach and the founder of Global Sisterhood Day. I’ve been a coach for 10 years, leading mastermind groups, online courses, and over 30 retreats.

My mission is to gather women in sisterhood to deepen our freedom, stand in our sovereignty, and embody our leadership. I work with women who feel a deep calling to offer their hearts and hands in service to humanity, and do it all with creativity, alignment, and grace.

I’m a relentless seeker of truth & freedom, a devotee of love, a champion for mother earth and equality for all, a lover of everyday beauty, and a sometimes poet. I’m also a mother, partner, daughter, and friend.

These are the ways I describe and define myself, and yet for all of us, there are deeper soul qualities that underpin the ways we lead in life and business. That’s what we’ll be exploring in Embody Your Leadership.

Let’s discover the true depth of who we are, and what we’re here for. I can’t wait!


Join the waitlist:

Stay in the loop for Embody Your Leadership 2018